What Is A Food Tour?

A food tour is…

Eating. Tasting food from local eateries, cafes and specialty food shops.

Exploring. Walking with a tour guide while visiting historical, architectural and cultural points of interest along a specific route.

Experiencing. Getting acquainted with a neighborhood and gaining insights through a filling and entertaining experience. It is a unique opportunity for locals and visitors alike!

Why Our Food Tours?

Eat. Explore. Experience Buffalo or East Aurora.

  • Eat an eclectic mix of tasty food samples from local eateries sure to enliven your taste buds!
  • Explore Buffalo and Western New York historic neighborhoods and architecture to enrich your knowledge.
  • Experience Buffalo or East Aurora while walking with one of our entertaining tour guides.
  • Embark on a fun journey where you engage with local food artisans and encounter the sights and sounds of the city.
  • Enjoy a delicious tour that will entice you to come back to the Elmwood Village or East Aurora like a local again and again!