What to Expect from the Elmwood Village Tour

Eclectic Mix of Eateries – You will taste exceptional food samples from seven local establishments on the Elmwood Village Tour.  Our stops include an artisan chocolatier, a local cooperative market and one of the oldest establishments in Buffalo, known for their crispy and delicious chicken wings!  Exceptional food tastings, enough for a hearty lunch are included in the ticket price of $51.

Explorations – Between food tastings we will explore the neighborhood’s exquisite architecture, expertly designed parks and entertaining history.  Experience the energy of the Elmwood Village while our expert tour guides eagerly share their passion, knowledge and stories about the history and culture of this neighborhood as we embrace everything Elmwood!


Who should take the Elmwood Village Tour?

Do you enjoy eating?  Exploring places off the beaten path?  Experiencing the vibrancy of a city’s neighborhoods up close and personal?  Whether you are a visitor or a native Buffalonian, the Elmwood Village Tour is a unique experience that enables you to eat at seven local establishments while exploring the neighborhood by foot.  This enchanting tour will engage all your senses and entice you to come back to the Elmwood Village for an encore!


Ready to buy tickets?

Have we enticed you to join us on our exquisite food tasting and entertaining excursion? Are you ready to eat, explore and experience the Elmwood Village?  Purchase your tickets by clicking the button below or by calling (800) 656-0713.  Get ready to Eat. Explore Experience Buffalo!